Wireless Home Security Kit

A wireless home security kit will help keep your family safe and also protect your valuable belongings.  The top rated kits feature the latest in high tech sensors, alarms and passive motion detectors.  A wireless alarm system is less invasive and much easier to install than a wired system, making them a lot more appealing for do-it-yourself (diy) and handy home owners that want to save money and possibly a long term contract. 

wireless home security kit

The idea of a self-monitored alarm system is appealing to some home owners while other prefer to have a reputable and professional service both install and monitor their home.  There are some important advantages and disadvantages to both that we will go over in more detail below. 

Almost all wireless home security kits come with a fully programmable control panel that acts as the main unit.  This is where you set up everything including the door and window sensors, glass break sensors and passive motion detectors.  They are usually allocated based on sections of numbers that range from 1 to 99, and can be customized based on the number of rooms and areas you want to monitor in your home's unique layout. 

It's important to remember that when using a wireless home security kit that you will need to stay on top of keeping the batteries charged.  This includes any part of the system that operates without wired power including the sensors, detectors, etc.  A safety feature is built into the top of the line models that will alert the home owner when the power is getting low or at the very least it will alert when the sensor is no longer transmitting.

Wireless Home Security Kit Features

The first step in deciding on which kit to purchase is to survey your home and take a look at what areas you want to monitor.  This will give you a good idea beforehand of what types of wireless monitoring equipment you will want to use around your home.  

You should keep in mind areas that are easily accessible to intruders or potentially more prone to intrusion due to obstructions, lighting, etc.  If you feel that you would benefit from a professional you may want to consider a monitored alarm system which often includes a visit from a professional alarm system installer that has years of experience in home security. 

All wireless home security kits are not created equal and we'll go over what features to look for when purchasing a reliable system.  The biggest difference you will find is the amount and type of sensors that are included in the package and include any of the following in addition to the main console:

  • Auto dial
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors 
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Passive motion detectors
  • Alarms and sirens
  • Key fobs and panic buttons
  • Stickers and signs

The auto dial is arguably the most important feature in a wireless system beyond the added convenience of wireless technology.  The auto dial is triggered when the alarm is set off and can be set to dial any phone number that your landline has access to, and in some units you can set multiple numbers.  This feature can be a bit limiting if you don't have a landline installed in your home but definitely worth setting up if you go with this type of home security. 

In some models you may find a function that allows for a recorded message to be played when the alarm is activated or you may have the option of being able to talk through the control panel, which can be handy in the event of a false alarm.  

If you feel that sensors and passive alarms aren't enough to secure your home you may want to consider a home security CCTV system.  A wireless system that has closed-circuit television takes security to another level with multiple cameras that constantly monitor and record high quality video from just about anywhere inside or outside your home. 

Wireless Home Security Kit Advantages

The main advantage to a wireless home security kit is the fact that you don't need to install wiring from the base control panel to the sensors and other devices.  This can be a huge undertaking if you are installing your system in a preexisting home that has already been finished.  If you are adding a security system to a home that is under construction it is a lot easier to install a wired system. 

It can be very frustrating, time-consuming and costly to have constant false alarms.  If you find that your alarm is being activated falsely from pets or other non-intrusion related incidents it can be a lot easier to move sensors in a wireless system.  

A wireless home security kit is a great option for some homeowners if you are looking for a self monitored alarm system and are prepared to install and set up the system yourself.  The money you save and the contract you will avoid makes it an option for your overall home safety worth serious consideration. 

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