Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor is a handy device that many parents choose to use for a variety of different reasons including safety, peace of mind and comfort.  It often seems that in todays world we never have enough time to get everything done in a day and if you are a new parent you are well aware that multi-tasking is a necessity.  It's nice to know that as technology advances there are products being developed to make life easier and safer!

video baby monitor

As your baby sleeps a video baby monitor will relay video to virtually anywhere in your home so you always know how your little one is doing. They are lightweight and portable which means you can easily use the monitor anywhere baby is sleeping including visiting family, friends or while traveling. 

In addition to having a constant eye on baby while they are sleeping there are other features that make them worth considering:

  • Automatic infrared (IR) night vision
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Two way intercom
  • Video recording with Skype option
  • Multi room with multiple cameras and/or parent units

All these features translate into so many practical uses and benefits that really make these units a great choice.  If you are considering purchasing a video monitor we'll talk about some of the benefits that will hopefully help with your decision.  

Benefits of a Video Baby Monitor

If you are in the market for a monitor you may be wondering if a monitor is  necessary or you might be wondering if video is something that you need.  It really is up to personal preference and your comfort level with your baby's safety and sleeping habits.  

video monitor night vision

There is something to be said about being able to watch your baby sleeping soundly.  You can keep an eye on baby while in the kitchen, living room or enjoying the backyard.  As soon as baby wakes up you will be alerted to the sound and be able to see if they are waking up or deciding to go back to sleep without every disrupting baby. 

They are great for parents that travel or are away from home for extended periods of time.  Imagine being able to sing your baby a bedtime lullaby or tell them a story from hundreds of miles away! 

If you are concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS you are not alone. A video baby monitor will provide visuals of your baby sleeping and to take it one step further you might consider a baby movement monitor that will detect subtle movements in baby's breathing, heart rate or oxygen levels and alert parents or caregivers in an emergency.  

Top Rated Video Baby Monitors

With all the available features it can be difficult and a bit confusing deciding which video monitor is best for you and your unique needs.  We've compiled a list of the top brands based on video baby monitor reviews and customer feedback so you can feel good about your purchase and the safety of your baby. 

It is highly recommended that you choose a digital monitor over analog.  An analog signal can be intercepted, interfered with and often disrupted by cell phones used around the home.  A digital signal is more secure, safer and will operate with little or no interference. 

1.  Infant Optics DXR-8

The upgraded version of the DXR-5 with all the original features with the worlds first interchangeable optical lenses allowing customizable viewing angles.  This top rated unit really has the user in mind, with the option to add up to 4 cameras that have a zoom lens and optional wide angle lens.  Two-way talk, alarm function, remote pan and temperature display round out this units list of amazing features. 

infant optics dxr-8 digital video monitor

2.  Infant Optics DXR-5 

This top rated unit uses digital transmission for no interference up to 150 ft indoors and 800 ft outdoors.  It also has automatic IR night vision and voice activation with power saving mode to extend battery life.  Additional features include FHSS wireless transmission for 100% privacy and security, automatic voice activations, auto-mute mode and white noise cancelling. 

infant optics dxr-5 digital video monitor

3.  Levana Jena

This popular unit both in the USA and Canada features an 8+ hour battery life with a private digital signal up to 500 ft.  A talk to baby intercom allows constant communication with additional temperature monitoring. The infrared night vision allows viewing of your baby in a dark room up to 15 feet away.   This affordable and stylish unit is reliable and designed for long lasting with over 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. 

levana jena digital video monitor

4.  Levana Ayden

A large 3.5" digital color LCD screen and extra long 48 hour battery life make this one of our favourite video baby monitors.  The private and secure ClearVu digital signal will ensure security and safety of your video transmissions.  This stylish unit has constant temperature monitoring and is expandable up to 4 cameras.  A couple features not found on other monitors are a gentle nightlight emitted from the camera unit as well as 3 recorded lullaby's to help your baby wind down before bed. 

levana ayden digital video baby monitor

5.  Summer Infant Ultra Sight

This popular unit from Summer Infant boasts a built in pan, scan and zoom feature with automatic black and white night vision. Two-way audio talk with sound activated LED lights will make sure that you don't miss those sensitive moments when your baby wakes up from a nap.  Added features include low battery indication, out of range indicator beyond 600 feet.  This unit allows for up to 4 cameras on one parent unit. 

summer infant baby secure video baby monitor

A video baby monitor is something that will make life a lot easier and is well worth the investment for the convenience overall features.  There's nothing more comforting than being able to actually see your baby sleeping peacefully and something the only a video monitor can provide.  Even as your baby grows these handy devices can be used for many years for added comfort and safety!

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