Toilet Lid Lock

A toilet lid lock will shut out babies and children from getting into maybe the dirtiest place in any home.  If your baby happens to venture into bathroom it won't take long for their curiosity to take them straight to the toilet which poses a health and drowning hazard. 

toilet lid lock

It can take just a few seconds for a curious baby to get trapped in an open toilet.  A safety strap or lock will prevent the lid from opening so you won't ever have to worry about the toilet becoming a hazard. 

A great option for parents and something that we recommend in addition to a toilet lid lock  is to keep the bathroom door locked at all times.  The bathroom presents numerous safety hazards and preventing babies or children from venturing in on their own without adult supervision is the best way to prevent any accidents.

A lot of sharp objects and dangerous electrical products are often present in bathrooms that should be kept in drawers and cupboards at all times and should be locked using locking tabs.  

Toilet Lid Lock Options

An important layer of safety in the bathroom is preventing babies and toddlers from getting into the toilet.  There are a few options available that all prevent the lid from opening but vary slightly in how they operate. 

  1. Lid Lock Strap
  2. Toilet Clip Lock
  3. Swing Shut Lock
  4. Toilet Belt Strap

1.  Lid Lock Strap

The benefit of the straps is that they are flexible and work on just about any model of toilet out there and because of their versatility they can also be used on bathroom cabinets and drawers. 

 The locking mechanism requires either a twist or a push of a button with one of two hands to release.  This action is too complex for babies so they will not be able to open the straps but is quite easy for adults so it's not difficult to perform.

toilet lock strap

2.  Toilet Clip Lock

The base of the locking clip attaches to the underside of the toilet base using industrial adhesive.  The top clip curves over the toilet seat and prevents it from being opening unless the clip is swivelled around with a push of a button with one hand. 

This toilet lid lock design fits most standard toilets and is relatively easy to operate with a couple downsides.  It can be a bit tricky to install properly and in some cases the toilet lid can be opened if forced hard enough. If you choose this model make sure you test it before relying on it as a safety device. 

toilet clip lock

3.  Swing Shut Toilet Lock

The lock is made out of heavy duty plastic and designed to last along time with many repeated uses. The lock "lever" and base are attached using adhesive to the toilet lid and water tank. 

The device can be opened by pushing the sliding button with one hand and when the toilet lid is closed it automatically re-locks for easy operation. The automatic re-locking makes this the most sanitary option for parents but it can be a bit trick to install. 

swing shut lock

4.  Toilet Seat Belt Safety Lock

The seat belt strap installs much the same was as the lid lock straps in that the ends are attached to the lid and base with industrial adhesive.  Once the straps are attached the belt can be adjusted to keep the lid tight so it can't be opened and fingers can't get stuck and pinched. 

The strap can be opened with one hand and again fastened with one hand after use. This type of toilet lid lock can be used on virtually any brand of toilet found on the market. 

seat belt toilet lock
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