Home Security CCTV Systems

Home security cctv systems use closed-circuit television or video surveillance to constantly monitor with the option to record both indoors and outdoors.  With the technology available today along with the countless options it can overwhelming deciding which system is best for your family and home safe.  After reading this guide you will be able to apply the knowledge to making an informed decision that will save you both time and money. 

home security cctv systems

All security video cameras are designed with the same purpose and that is to provide video images of their specific field of view and are viewable on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets or computer monitors.  The cameras can operate constantly or activated when motion is detected but we will talk more about that below.

A relatively new feature that is made possible by advances in wireless technology is remote viewing.  It gives you the freedom to to monitor your home remotely from just about anywhere in the world.  Imagine the peace of mind of being able to see live video of your home and yard while on vacation or away for work. 

If you don't want to, or won't be able to monitor the video constantly you can use a system that records video that can be searched and played back at a later time.  This can be handy in outdoor home security cctv systems that are designed to deter trespassers from entering onto your property and intruders from entering your home. 

We'll discuss how home security cctv systems work as well as provide our recommendations for the best home security camera systems on the market today with the best features.  

Home Security Camera Features

All home security cctv systems are not created equal so it's important to make sure the system you purchase comes with the features you want.  Whether you decide to go with an indoor or outdoor system or both, it's worth taking a minute to educate yourself on all the great features you can find in the top rated home security systems. 


The camera resolution will determine how clear an image is which can be important if you want to see images in higher detail.  It is measured in tv lines (TVL) or the more advanced high definition (HD). 

Field of View

The field of view will determine the area covered by an individual camera.  A camera with at least 90 degrees angle coverage will ensure you don't need too many cameras to provide adequate coverage. 

Night Vision

A camera with good night vision will have infrared (IR) and light emitting diodes (LED) lighting that can display objects clearly at a minimum of 60 feet. 

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a great feature that allows the camera to detect even the slightest movement.  It can then alert with an audible or automated system. 

Microphone or Speaker

Sound is a great feature that is often overlooked.  A camera with a microphone can pick up sounds and a speaker turns a camera into an intercom. 

Pan, Tilt or Zoom

A camera that can pan, tilt or zoom will reduce the number of cameras needed and also provides great customization of your surveillance area.

Weather Resistance

If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather you will get a lot more years of use out of an outdoor camera that is designed to withstand severe weather. 


Home security systems that utilize encryption will ensure that images transmitted are intercepted or hacked by an intruder or anyone else that has knowledge in video transmissions.

WiFi & Remote Viewing

Wifi will allow you to set up a system wirelessly which can make installation a lot easier and ideal for hidden cameras while remote viewing allows for viewing anywhere in the world. 

Hard Drive Video Storage

A hard drive storage or surveillance hard disk is often not included in systems.  It's necessary if you want to record video and should be at least 500 gigabytes (GB) or 1 terabyte (TB) in size. 

Outdoor Home Security CCTV Systems

The most common application for home security cctv systems is viewing areas outside your residence.  An outdoor camera system can be set up to monitor just about anywhere whether it's a swimming pool, corner of your yard or the walkway leading up to the main entrance of your home.  Outdoor surveillance can be very comforting for anyone especially if you live in a rural area that is a significant distance away from emergency services. 

Another feature of outdoor systems is they can be used as motion detectors or surveillance.  As soon as movement is detected they can be set up to start recording, sound an audible alarm and even send an instant notification by email or phone.  A highly visible camera is a great way to deter intruders and if necessary you can be sure you and the authorities are alerted. 

Indoor Home Security CCTV Systems

An indoor security system that uses video camera technology will help keep your home secure and add a layer of protection against intrusion or burglary.  A system of 4 to 8 cameras set up at entranceways and common areas can monitor and record all activity 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  A wireless home security kit will give you the freedom to install cameras and sensors throughout your home at key access points and high traffic areas. 

It's a great way to view different rooms of your home while you are elsewhere either at work or a different area of your home.  You may wan to make sure your children are safe while playing in the backyard or keep an eye on your pets while you are at work or on vacation.  No matter what your purpose is there are systems that can be easily set up by a handy home owner or diy enthusiast.

Whether you are looking for a system to monitor children or something to help keep your family safe throughout the day and night there is something for everyone.  With all the home security cctv systems available you are sure to find something that works great in your home. 

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