Baby Crib Net

A baby crib net or tent can come in really handy for parents of newborns that live in or visit areas that experience potentially harmful biting insects.  A newborn baby's skin is sensitive and preventing bites from mosquito's, spiders and ticks is a good idea during baby's first years.  If you find that you are constantly leaving the window open to let fresh air into your baby's room and you don't have a window screen or set up a playpen outside, netting will add an extra layer of protection for your baby.  

Baby Crib Net

Insects are attracted to warm bodies and babies are no exception to this rule.  With the concerns about diseases that insects are transmitting these days, this is a product worth considering if you live in a high risk area.  Mosquito's can carry Malaria, West Nile and Zika virus and with the increased risk in Lyme disease from ticks it can be concerning for parents wanting to provide the best protection for their loved ones. 

A strong mesh crib netting will help prevent your baby from getting out of the crib by acting as a deterrent but they should not be relied on for this purpose.  The best types of nets form a tent-like structure over the entire crib and other models work by either sitting on top of the rails or completely inside the crib.  We'll discuss the various options for cribs and play yards below so you can feel comfortable with whatever netting you end up purchasing. 

You might also want to consider a mosquito net that is smaller and fits over strollers, carriers, car seats and cradles. 

Types of Baby Crib Nets and Tents

If you spend your summer at a cottage or cabin there is no doubt that you will be exposing your little one to a variety of bugs and insects that could be carrying potentially harmful transmittable diseases.  Many residential areas of North America are built in areas where insects become problematic in the summer months and if you live in an area like this a baby crib net is something you should consider at least for the first few months.

Crib Tent Pop-up Crib Safety Net by Aussie Cot Net Co 

The Pop-up Crib Safety Net Tent is a deluxe baby crib net that will not only keep insects and small pets out of your baby's crib but it will also help keep your child safely inside the crib. 

The polyester mesh netting creates a strong and breathable layer that is sturdy enough to keep critters out while still allowing fresh air into the crib.  There is no loose netting that can become tangled and completely seals under the mattress for protecting from entrapment.  The handy door access features a locking zipper that is easy to use and designed to be used with one hand operation. 

crib pop up safety net

Jeep Mesh Crib Net and Insect Protector

The Jeep Crib Net is a great affordable option for keeping insects out of your babies crib while they are sleeping.  It fits most standard size cribs and includes a handy storage bag for traveling or when not using the net. 

This baby crib net will fit a standard crib with enough slack to almost read the ground.  It can be difficult to put on or take off, is more suited to short-term use and not something we recommend using every day as it can become tedious and tiresome.  It's important to make sure that the netting is pulled tight so it doesn't become entangled or become an added safety hazard. 

jeep crib net

Travel Size Pop-up Safety Tent for Pack N Play

The Travel Size Pop-up Safety Tent designed specifically for playpens and Pack N Play is a handy new product that features mesh breathable netting and a satin trim.  

This product fills a need for parents that are travelling or setting up a playpen in the yard where insects and other bugs can be a nuisance and potentially dangerous.  The netting acts as a barrier to insects getting in and also help create a soft barrier so your baby won't try to get out.  We don't recommend relying on this device to keep your baby in and supervision should always be used. 

travel size safety tent

Pack N Play Playpen Netting by HIS Juvenile

The Pack N Play Playpen Netting is ideal for standard playpens and play yards.  If you want to keep bugs out of your baby's play area whether they are sleeping or playing, this net will get the job done.

It is simple to use by simply placing over the playpen.  It covers all 4 sides and the top with a durable, breathable and light-weight mesh that will keep our insects, ticks and other bugs while allowing air to flow freely.  It has elastic edges so you can be sure of a snug fit around the playpen and is machine washable and should be hung out to air dry. 

playpen net

Crib Net and Tent Safety

There are a few things you should be aware of when using a crib net or tent.  Improper use or installation could lead to injury or worse.  In all crib settings it's recommended to keep anything that could cause strangulation away from the crib and your baby.  In the event of using a baby crib net, you are introducing a product that could potentially get entangled if used incorrectly. 

Here's what you need to make sure of when using either a net or a tent to reduce the risk of entanglement or suffocation:

  • Always read the manufacturer's instruction for recommended usage 
  • Never rely on a crib net or tent to keep your child inside the crib or playpen while unsupervised - it is not a safety device
  • The netting should not be able to be pulled down on top of your baby which could lead to entanglement
  • If your child begins crawling out of the crib on a regular basis they should be moved into a toddler bed or something similar
  • Always handle the mesh with care and repair any holes if possible, or discard

Other types of nets that are available that have safety applications are rail nets and deck guards. These are both designed to cover railings inside and outside so that babies can't fit their heads through the spaces in the railings and lead to baby getting stuck or trapped.

When using these items its imperative that attention is taken to ensure that they are fastened properly and can handle some light tugging by baby.   Any baby crib net or safety net should not be relied upon as a safety device and proper supervision should always be present. 

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