Baby Bath Tub Seat

A baby bath tub seat is likely where you will give your newborn their first bath and up until they are old enough to use the family tub.  It's a product that you will use several times a week and over the course of your baby's first year it will get used for countless baths.  The importance of choosing the right tub can't be overstated and with the many options available we'll tell you what you should look for in a tub with both safety and your baby's comfort in mind. 

Almost all babies love bath time and with the right tub you can ensure that you enjoy it as well.  It will be one of the things you do with your baby that helps create a special bond while also making sure your baby is clean. 

The main differences with different baby bath tub seats are where they are designed to be used.  It's a good idea to decide before hand whether you will want to use the tub in the sink or in the family bath tub.  It really is completely about personal preference and there are great options for wherever you decide you would like to have your baby's bath time. 

In addition to providing our recommendations for the best tubs on the market it's a good idea to take some time to learn about general baby bath safety.  There are a few excellent products that will make bath time a whole lot safer when you transition into bathing in the family tub without a separate seat. 

Baby Bath Tub Seat Options

With all the options available it can get confusing about which baby bath tub seat is best for your baby.  The main difference in styles varies depending on the size of your baby.  There are tubs designed specifically for either newborn or toddlers and some tubs that are versatile and can be used for newborns and older toddlers. 

It's important to not only look at safety and something that your baby will be comfortable in but also something that you will find easy to use.  We've put together a list of tubs that meet or exceed safety standards as well as being praised by parents that have used them for years.   

The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub is easily our number one choice in a baby bath tub seat because of its versatility and ability to bath a newborn as well as transitioning into a toddler tub. 

The design of the tub allows for newborns, infants and toddlers to be bathed safely.  A baby can be cradled on the sloped side of the tub that can be used with an optional sling designed for newborns.  As your baby grows and begins to sit up on his or her own you can remove the sling and use the other side.  

It can be used in the family tub or in the kitchen sink depending on the age of your baby and can be fitted with a sling or sponge insert for added comfort and usability.  As an added safety measure the drain plug is color coded to alert parents if the water temperature is too hot. 

newborn to toddler tub

Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub is a relatively new baby bath tub that features four stages of convertibility ideal for as your baby grows.  This all in one unit comes with a sling and has padded foam for added comfort and security for your baby. 

The gentle recline hugs newborns and allows for just the right amount of water.  It can be reversed for when your baby sits up and plays during bath time with the added benefit of all parts being removable to allow for more room when it's eventually needed.

It can be used in both sinks and tubs depending on your personal preference.  The tub is easy to clean and comes with a handy hook that allows it to be hung and dried easily and conveniently.  It also comes with a water scoop and squeeze bottle accessories. 

4-in-1 baby tub

Angelcare Bath Support

The Angelcare Bath Support is a lightweight and portable unit that can be used either in the family tub or next to the sink.  It's designed to hold and support newborn babies at a slight angle in the soft mesh while supporting them with slanted side rails. 

These units are usually made of one solid mould of 100% plastic so you can be sure they will last a long time. The soft mesh that supports baby has drain holes to allow water to run off of baby and drain out the bottom of the cradle. The non-slip base means it won't slip or move while carefully bathing your little one. 

We recommend these units for newborns and babies up to 6 months because of their versatility and simplicity.  In most cases you might consider stepping from this type of unit to a full bath.

bath tub support

Summer Infant Bath Sponge

The Summer Infant Bath Sponge Pad is a relatively new addition to the baby bath tub seat market.  It couldn't be simpler in design but we absolutely love them for how versatile and easy to use they are. 

In addition to being easy to use they're incredibly comfortable for baby. The high density sponge cushion padding provides support for babies head, neck and back.  The quick drying foam padding also brings safety to the table by being slip-resistant.

The bath sponge can be used on its own in the family bath tub or sink and can also be used in a larger toddler tub.  It's ideal for sensitive newborns just because of how soft and gentle it on baby's skin.  If you're looking for versatility and a product that promotes safety at an affordable price you should consider the bath sponge or bather pad.  

bath sponge

All styles of baby bath tub seats are designed first and foremost with safety in mind and with todays models you can be sure to find something that is also very comfortable.  It's always important to remember that when giving your baby a bath that you supervise them at all times even as they get older because accidental drowning can happen in seconds. 

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